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About The Author


As a young girl, Kristy’s days were infused with creative play in a hot and humid land called Houston, Texas. Being Cajun French, Kristy’s days were filled with plenty of laughter and good ol’ southern food. As a child, when she wasn’t found singing around her house you could find her writing small books and reading them to her family. As time went on Kristy’s love of singing grew and she would soon begin to pursue a career in the music industry which she would one day leave in order to focus on her family. Many years later her husband told her that she would write a book. Thinking he was joking she didn’t pay much attention to his prophetic words. However, soon enough she would find herself brainstorming and thus the Ice Moon series was born and so was an author.

Kristy is a lover of all things natural and enjoys sharing with others what she has learned on her journey to live a simple life. Today when Kristy’s not writing she can be found spending time with her husband, homeschooling her 5 daughters, loving up on her infant son and playing with her animals on her small farm in Idaho.